Enrolment Process

Step 1

Complete the Online Enrolment Form and submit it

Step 2

Parents will receive an emailed appointment date(s) and times (where applicable) notification for the
learner to write the Entrance Exams.

Step 3

The Entrance Exams for the learners are as follows:

3.1 All examinations are Baseline exams
3.2 There are two papers. One is English and the other is Mathematics
3.3 Grade 1, 2 & 3 do one on one oral assessments with an educator.
3.4 Grade 4 to 10 do a written examination, one for English Language and the other for Mathematics.
3.5 The time span for these exams is between one to two hours depending on the grade.
3.6 Learners will only be considered for admission with a pass rate of 50% in English and Mathematics

Step 4

Only once the examinations / assessments are done will the parent be informed on the next steps.

Step 5

Invitation to complete the examinations / assessments is not acceptance into the school.