Reopening for the new term

Parents we are a week away from reopening for the new Term, we hope our learners and staff alike have had a relaxing holiday.

Schools reopen for the 2nd Term on the Tuesday 11th April 2023
Schools close for the end of the 2nd Term on the 23rd June 2023

Parents Meetings / Reports

Primary School

Grade 1 – 7 will receive their report cards on Friday 14th April 2023.
Educators in the primary school will be setting up one on one appointments to meet with parents to discuss the
learners report cards and progress made in the 1st Term.

High School

All High School learners will receive their report cards at a parents meet and greet on Saturday 15th April 2023.
The grades have been allocated time slots for parents to have an opportunity to engage with the learners
educators. Parents please respect the allocated time slots for the specific grades. All parents will start in the
school hall for a briefing with the Principal before you proceed to the educators classrooms.

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