NEW GEN ACADEMY Class of 2022 for attaining 100% pass rate

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to NEW GEN ACADEMY CLASS OF 2022 for attaining 100% pass rate in their NSC examination. Congratulations to all the other schools in and around Eldorado Park for their results for 2022. Not a single school in and around Eldorado Park attained less than 60%. We want to wish the class of 2023
all the best at all our schools.

The New Gen Class of 2022 made us all proud and made History in Eldorado Park. The class of 2022 did not just give NEW GEN ACADEMY 100% pass rate but was the top achieving school within Eldorado Park and the surrounds for the 2nd consecutive year.

The 100% pass rate has been very elusive in Eldorado Park and surrounding areas for longer than 5 years now. It is with this Historic achievement that management decided to celebrate the achievement by having a special assembly for the NEW GEN ACADEMY class of 2022 learners and parents.

The assembly will start at 10:30 for the entire school and will then be dismissed at 11:30 (from Grade 1 to Grade 12). Parents please arrange transportation accordingly. The Class of 2022 and their parents will remain and a special ceremony and lunch will continue after the assembly.

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